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Engineering & Consultancy


MaroCorr is  an experienced team of NACE certified materials, corrosion, cathodic protection and coating engineers with a large experience in Oil & Gas industry in the filed of materials and corrosion protection.


MaroCorr can offer a complete and cost effective design, procurement, and troubleshooting of materials issues and corrosion protection systems.

In addition, MaroCorr offers a technology to apply internal field joint coatings using adhesive tape wrapping instead of liquid paints or FBE. Moreover, we can make possible hydrotesting of tanks with seawater using cathodic protection system, approved by all major companies.

Innovative Solutions

1. Tanks hydrotesting with seawater

A solution for an effective protection system making possible to hydrotest large steel and cryogenic tanks with seawater.

2. Offshore Pipelines with Internal Field Joint Coating

Liquid epoxy or FBE internal field joint coating material do not suit your needs due to excessive wear, abbrasion, thermal properties or chemically aggressive media? Marocorr has patented the technology to apply an adhesive wrapping band at the filed joint with superior resistance and installation time!

3. CP of large concrete structures

Our team has large experience in ICCP systems for corrosion protection of rebars in concrete.
We have been involved in major harbour projects for design and commissioning of the ICCP systems.

4. Onshore pipelines CP

We have been involved in desing of a ICCP system of a large pipeline network project in west Africa.
A network of 400 km of CS and Duplex pipelines laid in same trenches with extraordinary complex CP design.

5. New Solutions

We continue working on more innovative solutions!